Attention Jesus-Loving Women

Sick of the confusion, weighing, measuring, obsessing over food, then feeling guilty about it?  You may be ready to quit dieting forever. 


Take the quiz to find out. God did not intend for us to suffer like this.



You are fearfully and wonderfully made!


It’s time to put faith into action and be an example of God’s healing power in your life!

  • I will help you gracefully step off the dieting roller coaster and move into a place of freedom from excess weight, stress, anxiety, and dis-ease.
  • Get rid of the confusion about your health and tap into your God-given intuition to make lasting progress toward your healthiest self.
  • Remember that you are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139:13-16).  God makes no mistakes, you were perfectly designed and formed for His glory.
  • God orchestrates everything (Romans 8:28), you are here for a reason.  Take the quiz to find out if you're ready for a change.

Live out your purpose and feel the freedom that comes without the burden of stubborn weight gain and ineffective dieting.

Are you…

  • Confused by all the talk of low-carb, keto, shakes, and other extreme diet plans?
  • Sick of working out endlessly with minimal results?
  • Spending hundreds of dollars on shakes and supplements but not losing weight and keeping it off?
  • Eating healthy and working out sensibly but not feeling better?
  • Feeling like you are in this alone?
  • Feeling stressed, anxious, and/or overwhelmed by life and your health is suffering for it?

If you answer yes to any of the questions above, you may be ready to quit dieting forever and enjoy food freedom.

Take the quiz below to find out.


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Step Three:

Hop on a complimentary call with me to see what a food freedom plan for you could look like.

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Hi, I'm Dana

I’m a mom, widow, believer in Christ, California native, and a Certified Primal Health Coach.

I help Jesus-loving women gracefully step off the dieting roller coaster to realize their healthiest selves.

God did not intend for you to endlessly suffer through overwhelm, stress, anxiety, and dis-ease, connect to His purpose as you begin to heal.

I’ll help you connect to freedom using nutrition, exercise, and nurturing a deeper connection with your Creator.

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